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«Exhibition of carpets knotted by drawing of contemporary painters», Albissola Capo,  Pescetto gallery , 1958 June-July , writing by Franco Russoli.

«Exhibition of Handicraft»,  Farnkfurt, 196o.

«Exhibition of antique on the Modern House », Florence, Palazzo Strozzi, 1962 -  October-November , writing by Leonardo Borgese.

«International Exposition  of the Contemporary Tapestries », Château de Culan (Cher), 1963 June-September , writing by Michel Tourlière.

«Third Biennal of Paris», Italian pavilion, 1963.

«Herbst Salon 63 » , Munich, 1963 - November-December , writings by Fortunato Bellonzi, Giuseppe Ungaretti e Aldo Palazzeschi.

«The Cagli's painting on the modern furnishing », Torino, Centre I for the furnishig, 1963 December - 1964 January , writings by Enrico Crispolti e Paolo Portoghesi.

«Exhibition of Artistic Handicraft and Small Industries»,  Sample Fair of Montreal, on the care of the National Craftsmanship Authority , 1965.

«Tapestries and Rugs by contemporary Painters and Sculptors», on the care of Museum of Modern Art di New York, 1966 March - 1967 November . Centres of the travelling exhibitions : Mansfield Art Gallery, Mansfield, Ohio; Mercer University, Macon, Georgia; Cummer Gallery of Art, Jacksonville, Florida; Kresge Art Centre, Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan; State University College, Oswego, New York; Lyman Allyn Museum, New London, Connecticut; Contemporary Arts Centre, Cincinnati, Ohio; Commercial Museum, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida; Laguna Gloria Art Museum, Inc. Austin, Texas; Krannert Art Museum, University of Illinois, Champaign, Illinois; Fort Worth Art Centre, Fort Worth, Texas; Winnipeg, Art Gallery, Winnipeg, Canada; Portland Art Museum, Portland, Maine.

«Exhibition of Handicraft in San Remo -Awarding Prize Golden sun of Craftsmanship », San Remo, Ariston Theatre,  1966 October.

«Nieuwe Italianse Vormgeving», Amsterdam, Stichting Centrum voor, Industriele Vormgeving, Damrak 62 A, 1966 - 16th December - 1967 - 4th January , on the care of Triennale di Milano and Istituto Italiano di Cultura in Holland.

«The Worrying Muses. The Masters of Surrealism»,  Civic Gallery of Modern Art of Turin, 1967 November  - 1968 January , writings by Luigi Carluccio.

«Italian Handicraft at the 19th exhibition of Handicraft»; Munich,  1967 March.

«Fabrics of art», Turin, Showroom of domestic arts,  1967 March .

«Italian Handicraft at the 22nd exhibition of Handicraft», Munich, 1970 March.

«The material of arts. Tecnical and formative process of images», Milan,  Sforzesco Castle, Viscontea room, 1981 December -1982 January , writing by Piercarlo Santini.

«The tapestry: History, Tecnique and Restoration», Civic Gallery of Modern Art of Arezzo , 1985 April-May , writings by Mario Rotta, Roberto Faccioli e Anna Pereti.

«For yarn and for mark. Tapestries of contemporary artists», Riva del Garda, EuroArt, Gallery of  «Città di Riva» , 1986 June-July .

«IRIARTE. The old and the new in the collections of the IRI Holding Company. Section of contemporary Tapestries», Rome, Palazzo Venezia, 1989 October - November , writing by Federico Zeri, card by Marco Capua.

«The charm of Handicraft ». Section "Handicraft and Art"», Fair of  Rome, 1990 June-July , at the care of Titti Carta.

«Textilia '91. Manifesto and weaves in the present, in the past and in the future. The woven painting», Vicenza, Palladian Basilica, 1991 November-December , writing by Enrico Crispolti.

«20 great master craftsmen of the italian arts», Florence, Fortezza da Basso, 1992 September , writing by Giorgio Lilli Latini.

«The Italian Art of Living». Section «The Artist's Room"», New York, Piazza Italia, Park Avenue 643,  1992  September-October.

«Second European Conference for the Handicraft», Berlin, International Conference Center, 1994 - 25th September.

«Exhibition of Italian Handicraft», Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, 1994 December .

«L'Eccellenza Italiana - Le Arti Filerecce» Celebrations for the Centenary of the International Exhibition of Modern Decorative Arts - Turin 1902.

Turin, Palazzo Carignano, December 5th, 2002 – January 26th, 2003.


«EccentriCity - Torino città d'arte e industria 1945 - 1968» Celebrations for the Centenary of the International Exhibition of Modern Decorative Arts - Turin 1902. Turin, State Archive, December 5th, 2002 – February 5th, 2003, produced by Enzo Biffi Gentili, Francesca Comisso, Luisa Perlo.

«Mostra Mercato di Antiquariato» of the City of SALUZZO, section "Arazzeria Scassa", May 16th - 25th, 2003.

«Maestri Italiani del XX secolo»  Pordenone, Sagittaria Gallery – Cultural Centre “A. Zanussi” House, Novembre 20th, 2003 – February 22th, 2004

«Artisticamente Artigiano» School of Arts and Old Trades, Biella, November 21th – 23th, 2003

«Maestri Italiani del XX secolo» Serra de' Conti (AN), St Francis Cloister, April – August, 2003.